Why Memory Leak? As you may now, software engineering is a fast evolving area. New technologies, approaches and tools come to live every day. While it is necessary to follow new trends, old knowledge and skills fade into oblivion.

It is easy to try out a new tool or a new framework, even a new language, but sometimes it is very hard to write about it. At that point one starts to doubt in own knowledge. So writing about a topic is a confirmation of own comprehension.

On the other hand, we are gaining new knowledge every day. Consequently, our existing knowledge fade slowly away. This process can be described as memory leak and these records are here to prevent forgetting too much.

Deep understanding

As a software developer and software architect, I constantly doubt in my decisions. Do I know everything to make the best decision? Did I miss something out? These questions become even more frequent when deciding over architecture of a product. Yes, there are patterns and guidelines how to analyze a problem and find solution to it, but what if fundamental assumptions are false?

Behind the scene

The content on these pages is written in Markdown syntax and build with Hugo. While this is more suitable approach for software engineers and easier to maintain. Hugo is a framework for building static websites. It is very flexible and supports separation of concerns – distinguish content from presentation.

Gregor PlavĨak